Digital Journey in Russia

A Digital Journey in Russia, inspired by the concept of the derive, captures the essence of a spontaneous train ride through Russian cities. Initially sparked by aimless exploration on Google Maps, A Digital Journey in Russia seeks to replicate the experience of traversing urban landscapes via train travel, presented in the form of a publication.

The concept draws from Guy Debord's theory of the derive, emphasizing the idea of wandering without a predetermined destination or specific focus. During the COVID-19 pandemic, traditional travel became challenging. To overcome these limitations, the project turned to the virtual realm, utilizing Google Maps to recreate the sense of movement and discovery.

The publication unfolds as a digital odyssey, attempting to transport viewers through various cities and train stops. The emphasis is deliberately placed on the journey itself, mirroring the spirit of the derive by avoiding a fixed gaze on specific surroundings. Through this digital exploration, the project captures the spontaneity and excitement of travelling.