The "EDEN no future" poster series is as a promotional endeavor for musician EDEN's sophomore album, aptly titled "no future." These posters have been designed to brighten EDEN's unique persona and personality, all while resonating with his dedicated audience.

This diverse poster collection makes use of various categories designed to amplify the album's appeal:

·        Tour Posters: These posters serve as a visual promotion, promotion EDEN's upcoming tour, enticing fans with a glimpse of the electrifying experience that awaits.

·        Informative Posters about EDEN: Through these informative posters, fans can delve deeper into the enigmatic artist's background, shedding light on his journey and musical evolution.

·        Song Posters: Each song on the "no future" album finds its own distinct representation in these posters, offering a visual narrative that complements the sonic journey of the album itself.

The project's primary source of inspiration draws directly from the "no future" album, ensuring a matching and authentic connection between the visuals and the music.