"Just for Today" is part of a self-study project that involved the creation of various publications, each taking on different forms and serving distinct purposes.

The primary goal of this project was to enhance the overall understanding of typography while delving into the world of Japanese calligraphy and typography, in preparation for an upcoming internship in Japan. Attempting to gain more insight on the matter.

Throughout the duration of this self-study project, four books where produced, with each book undergoing a meticulous design process spanning one week, followed by a week dedicated to printing and binding. Additionally, 15 posters were made, a process that advanced over several months spanning 2021 and 2022.

To foster creativity and inspiration from diverse sources, the project intentionally limited itself to drawing inspiration solely from music. By attempting to not gain inspiration from other sources, the project aimed to think more freely, allowing the emotions conveyed by the music to shape the design choices.

In the end, the project achieved its intended purpose, creating a joyful learning process. .




Glue binding