Researching and experiencing Japan

Researching and Experiencing Japan is a publication centered around a research done on Japan, coupled with personal experiences gained during my stay in the country. The focus of the publication lies in exploring and exposing the cultural distinctions that exist between Japan and the Netherlands.

The research component delves into various aspects of Japanese culture, including its art, cuisine, and societal norms. Through examination and experiences, I attempted to uncover the essence of Japan's uniqueness. This exploration not only enriched my academic understanding but also encouraged a profound appreciation for the depth and intricacies of Japanese society.

Split into two parts, the publication is a comprehensive exploration that encompasses two distinct phases. Part one focusses on an extensive research conducted on Japan while being based in the Netherlands. The publication then seamlessly transitions to part two, which focusses on the experiences made in Japan. Attempting to expose the loneliness felt in Japan, while displaying the beauty of the country.
It offers a unique window into my life in a foreign culture, capturing the essence of Japan through my eyes. These pages candidly portray moments of solitude and reflection during my stay, highlighting my ability to appreciate the country's remarkable beauty.

Through various narratives and perspectives, this publication effectively communicates the profound impact this journey had on me, bridging the gap between academic research and personal experiences.


Special thanks
Gido Bloem