Seen is an atmospheric short film, made in collaboration by six graphic design students, highlighting our role in influencer culture. As the three characters slowly uncover the vicious cycle of online presence, it becomes harder and harder to empathize with anyone.

Seen focuses on the collective rather than the individual, by doing so the film makes the underlying viscous cycle visible. The point being that online you can never please everyone, no matter what you do; not fixating blame on a certain character but exposing the influences that go on behind the scenes. After all we are all complicit to up holding this system.

The campaign is based on the language used on social media without the visual clichés. The imagery is bold and eye-catching and the texts are short, funny and slightly controversial. There is always the question: is this really appropriate? Are they joking? The film was screened at You are not Invited, a student organized event, in an immersive installation.

For SEEN, I served as the project manager, managing everything regarding the projects shoots., meetings, etc. Besides so, I edited the main video - being the main editor - and made the behind the scene photos.