Data has become an integral part of our daily lives, with people taking countless photos, keeping diverse notes, and tracking various aspects of their lives on their phones. Even our memories can be considered data, turning our brains into datasets that are internalized in our egos. This constant manipulation of personal data raises the question of what we would be like without it.

While being surrounded by our own data, we start to ponder whether it molds us into who we are. If all our data would be taken away, would we still retain our essence? Are we defined by our inherent characteristics or is it the collection of our own data that shapes our identity? If we were to erase all traces of our personal data, would we eventually revert back to the person we once were? If we forget about everything, how would others perceive us? These question regarding the impact of our personal data on our lives serve as the driving force behind this project.

The short film employs two distinct environments to portray the profound influence of data and how it shapes us. Remember aim to shed light on this subject matter. Attempting to provoke deep contemplation in the viewer, encouraging them to engage in meaningful discussions.

Remember seeks to delve into the intricate relationship between personal data and our sense of self. By examining how personal data influences us, the project strives to discover whether it truly shapes our identities, questioning our existing beliefs about ourselves.

Directed by
Richard Hausil

Richard Hausil

Richard Hausil

Colour Grading
Richard Hausil

Richard Hausil

Sound Design
Richard Hausil

Ichiko Aoba

Richard Hausil

Ruoying He

Judy Chin

Sena Nisa